Hola, I am Ana Alicia,


As a certified interior redecorator 

and color consultant 

I help take the guess work out of

what's right for your home décor

and guide you to the

furniture, accessories, art,

material selection, and color palette

that actually work for your home,

your style, and your budget. 


  • Ana Alicia works with your existing furnishings and rearranges them for an instant transformation


  • She recommends the best furnishings and furniture arrangements for your bare rooms


  • Ana Alicia suggests material selections for your kitchens and baths, and for small remodels


  • She provides color consultations for every room in your home to create a cohesive color scheme


  • Ana Alicia stages your home with your own furnishings to showcase your valuable real estate


In demand for her edited yet carefully layered style, Ana Alicia draws on an international perspective in her work with interior redesign clients. She grew up in Spain with a German-American family and a passion for travel, art, design, and decorating. Ana Alicia credits formal education in business, psychology, and design for shaping her ability to find solutions for her clients' decorating dilemmas. With ANA ALICIA INTERIORS,  she harnesses her experiences, skills, and talents to create highly personalized interiors.  When Ana Alicia isn't working, she enjoys lake life, spending time with family, dabbling with water colors, reading books about design, and sipping a glass of red wine on her front porch with friends.

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Happy Redecorating!

Languages spoken: English, Spanish, and German

Redecorating Homes in
Mooresville, NC and
surrounding areas


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